Sponsor relevant and timely content with eNewsletters targeted to segments within the EMS World audience. The number of ad positions available vary based on the newsletter template. All have at least two positions. The client can have up to three (two leaderboards and one block ad) if needed. $600 each

Acceptable file types: PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG

File size less than 100 kb

*All assets are due 5 days prior to eNewsletter launch date*


Choose from 6 different eNewsletters:

  • Product Spotlight sent the first and third Thursday of every month; 53.7K subscribers
  • Management Tips sent the first and third Monday of every month, 10.3K subscribers
  • Top Stories sent every Thursday, 39.7K subscribers
  • Educator Tips sent the last Tuesday of every month, 7.9K subscribers
  • Pediatric Tips sent the third Monday of every month, 23.8K subscribers
  • Podcast sent third Saturday of every month, 50K subscribers