Sponsor Quality EMS Education

Position your company as the industry source with a sponsored webinar promoted to the EMS World audience.

Sponsors receive recognition in webinar promotion, registration, verbal acknowledgement and delivery of all registrants' contact and demographic information (no emails). Webinars are archived on EMSWorld.com for one year.


Webinar Broadcast Types (all include 1 year on-demand archive on site of clients’ choice)

  1. Live 
  2. Simulated Live (pre-recorded and played back at a designated time – usually includes a live Q & A)
  3. On Demand (no live component)


Media Tiers

I. Live Case presentation or roundtable (3rd party recorded)

II. Video/Talking Head with Slides

III. Mp3 audio with Slides


Sponsored Webinar  $6,900

Accredited Webinar $7,900*

*CAPCE accredited webinars do not allow us to provide registrants personal information to sponsors.

See an example from Laerdal here